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Free Transjakarta Bus Ride Using TJ Card Today  

Tempo.co, 22 january 2018

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Starting today, Monday, January 22 until January 31, Jakarta citizen’s gets free Transjakarta bus service using the TJ card.
Free service registration is using ID card (KTP) of Jakarta, at PT Transportation Jakarta, Jalan Mayjen Sutoyo, Cawang, East Jakarta. Other registration points will be informed later.

Director of Transjakarta Budi Kaliwono said the program is re-implemented in response to the high enthusiasm of public demand for services from the Jakarta Administration.
"Registrants data will be sent to Bank DKI for TJ Card printing," he said in a written statement on Sunday, January 21.

To register for Transjakarta free services, it only requires personal identity, such as copy of ID card (KTP), 2x4 photo, and a copy of Family Card (KK), and then submitted to Transjakarta Office.

Based on the Governor Regulation No. 26 Year 2017 there are a number of categories that can get free services with TJ Card, among others elderly people, or aged over 60 years who has KTP Jakarta, persons with disabilities, Veterans of the Republic of Indonesia as evidenced by Veteran Legion Card , owner of Social Protection Card (KPS Jabodetabek), resident of Thousand Islands (Kepulauan Seribu) with KTP, mosque administrator (Marbot), Educator and Education Personnel on Early Childhood Education (PAUD), Juntant Monitoring Mission (Jumantik), as well as members of TNI (National Army) and Polri (The National Police).

For the last two categories, when registering they must use the uniform and show the membership card. "Special (treatment) for the TNI and Polri, they do not have to extend their (TJ Card) permit," said Transjakarta spokesman Wibowo.

TransJakarta free registration receipt holder must exchange with TJ Card in order to get free Transjakarta bus facility from Jakarta Administration.

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Minister:Trans Sumatra Toll Road Significantly Cuts Logistic Cost
Tempo.co, 21 january 2018

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - State-Owned Enterprises (SOE) Minister Rini Soemarno believes that Trans Sumatra toll road can boost infrastructure competitive edge and increase national economy. In addition to easing public mobility and flow of goods, it can also significantly cuts logistic cost.

"We need to do everything it takes to ensure the toll road can complete on time and it can be connected with other infrastructure to realize government program to build Trans Sumatra," Minister Rini said on Sunday (21/1).

Minister Rini explained that the construction of 140.9 km long of Bakauheni-Terbanggi Besar toll road is part of national strategic project Trans Sumatra toll road. 
SOE Ministry in this case encourages the roles and synergy of the enterprises to support government effort to realize acceleration of land connectivity and economic equality.

In the future, Minister Rini urges Hutama Karya and other state-owned enterprises specializing in infrastructure development can involve local people. 
The construction of the toll road involved five state-owned enterprises as developer and operator.

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Sandiaga Uno to Build 2nd Zero Down Payment Housing in Rorotan
Tempo.co, 22 january 2018

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Jakarta Deputy Governor, Sandiaga Uno, said that after laying the first stone of house project with down payment (DP) Rp0 in Kelapa Village, East Jakarta, the Jakarta Administration will be working on the second similar project in Rorotan, North Jakarta.

"Yesterday we hear from the news that in Rorotan there is a developer pushing the zero down payment (DP 0 Rupiah) housing project," said Sandiaga Uno in Fatmawati, South Jakarta on Sunday, January 21.

The house in Rorotan will be a tread house. Different from the first DP 0 Rupiah house in East Jakarta that was an apartment, he said."It is hard to get the land in Jakarta, the four-floored tread house may be more enjoyable to Jakarta residents," said Sandiaga Uno.

Sandiaga Uno said Rorotan's house project will be built in February. However, he said that he does not want to rush. "We have to see the result first in Pondok Kelapa," said Sandiaga Uno.

In the early stages, the government will build 703 shelters, consisting of 513 units of type 36 and 190 units of type 21. For type 36 the price is set at Rp320 million and type 21 Rp185 million. People can order it start from April.

According to Sandiaga Uno, the DP 0 Rupiah house financing scheme uses the Housing Finance Liquidity Facility (FLPP) of the Regional Public Service Agency, with the aim of easing installment payments. FLPP implements a 5 percent interest rate with a loan term of up to 20 years.

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Facebook to Prioritize `Trustworthy` News based on Surveys
Tempo.co, 22 january 2018

TEMPO.CO, San Francisco - Facebook Inc will prioritize “trustworthy” news in its feed of social media posts, using member surveys to identify high-quality outlets and fight sensationalism and misinformation, Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg said on Friday.

The company, which has more than 2 billion monthly users, said its members, not experts or Facebook executives, would determine how news outlets rank in terms of trustworthiness. It also said it would put an emphasis on local news sources.

The move is likely to send shockwaves through the media landscape in nearly every country, given the ubiquity of the world’s largest social network and how central it has become in some places to the distribution of news.

Zuckerberg said on Friday he expects recently announced changes to shrink the amount of news on Facebook by 20 percent, to about 4 percent of all content from 5 percent currently.

The chief executive outlined the shakeup in a post on Facebook, saying that starting next week the News Feed, the company’s centerpiece product, would prioritize “high quality news” over less trusted sources.

“There’s too much sensationalism, misinformation and polarization in the world today,” Zuckerberg wrote.“Social media enables people to spread information faster than ever before, and if we don’t specifically tackle these problems, then we end up amplifying them,” he wrote.

The quality of news on Facebook has been called into question after alleged Russian operatives, for-profit spammers and others spread false reports on the site, including during the 2016 U.S. election campaign.

Two years ago, Facebook users saw hoaxes saying Pope Francis endorsed Republican Donald Trump for U.S. president and that a federal agent investigating Democrat Hillary Clinton was found dead. Facebook initially proposed fighting false stories by letting users flag them.

The change will affect not only links posted by news outlets but also news stories that individuals share, Facebook said.News organizations immediately began considering how they would fare in the ranking.


The trust ranking will help to address fake news stories, said David Chavern, president of the News Media Alliance, a trade group for old-line U.S. newspapers.“For some time, we have argued that Facebook should give priority to news from trusted sources,” he said in a statement.

Tom Gara, opinion editor at BuzzFeed News, wrote on Twitter that he expected partisan outlets to fare worse: “This sounds like extremely good news for news publishers that aren’t hated by one side or the other.”

Facebook has had a stormy relationship with news organizations, especially those with strong political leanings. In 2016, Republican U.S. lawmakers expressed concern that Facebook, based in liberal Northern California, was suppressing news stories of interest to conservative readers.

Facebook said that ranking by trustworthiness was not intended to directly impact any specific groups of publishers based on their size or ideology.
Zuckerberg said he settled on the idea of surveying Facebook users after rejecting having the company itself rank news outlets’ trustworthiness.“We decided that having the community determine which sources are broadly trusted would be most objective,” he wrote in his post.

Facebook said it did not plan to release the survey results because they will represent an incomplete picture of how a story’s position in a person’s feed is determined.
Many factors determine where a post appears in a Facebook user’s News Feed such as subject of the post, who wrote it and who is commenting on it.

Last week, Zuckerberg said the company would change the way it filters posts and videos on News Feed to prioritize what friends and family share.

News Corp, owner of the New York Post and other outlets, responded to the earlier Facebook announcement with a pledge to look for “any signs that the weighting of news sites is politically motivated.”The Rupert Murdoch-led company had no immediate comment on Friday.

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Jokowi Asks Financial Industry to Avoid Wait-and-See Policy
Tempo.co, 22 january 2018

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has asked the financial sector not to adopt a wait-and-see policy because the current economic conditions in Indonesia are conducive to the development of business.

"If the financial industry just waits and sees, when will it act?" President Jokowi said at the 2018 Financial Service Industry Annual Meeting in Jakarta on Thursday night.

He remarked that if the economic actors are waiting because simultaneous regional head elections (pilkada) will take place in 2018, then they may never take the initiative because there is a pilkada every year. "What are you waiting for?" the president asked.

The president requested that political affairs be separated from economic and business matters. "Let the elections and the economy run side by side. The economy is run in the economic realm, and politics plays out in the political sphere," he noted.

Jokowi also reminded the financial industry, especially the banks, to concentrate on activities beyond simply collecting funds."Otherwise, the banks` debtors will continue to remain in debt," he stressed.

He stated the government encourages people to connect with the banking system.
The government is enforcing social forestry and land certificate programs, and such projects are linked to the banking sector."In 2017, as many as five million certificates were issued; this year, our target is seven million certificates," he elaborated.

He mentioned that of the 126 million plots of land, currently, only 46 million have land certificates, and 80 million plots of land have yet to obtain certificates. "If in a year, only 500 thousand certificates are issued, then we need decades to complete the certification of land," he pointed out.

The president also asked state-owned as well as regional government enterprises, the BUMN and BUMD, and banks to examine models of financing, mainly infrastructure financing, to reduce dependency on the state budget.

The state budget is for the benefit of the people, he stressed."The region can issue local bonds, but the funds must be used to build a productive infrastructure," added President Jokowi.

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Indonesia expects to pass data protection bill in 2018
The Jakarta Post, 21 january 2018

The government aims to deliberate and pass into law the personal data protection bill this year, although it is not listed in the 2018 National Legislation Program (Prolegnas).The Communications and Information Ministry sent a draft of the bill to the Law and Human Rights Ministry last year.

Communications and Information Minister Rudiantara said on Friday that there was still a possibility the bill would be deliberated if lawmakers completed discussion on other priority bills quickly.  

"If the law-making process goes fast, there is still a chance for the personal data protection bill to be included in the Prolegnas. I hope it will happen this year," he said at the Office of the Coordinating Maritime Affairs Minister.

Rudiantara underlined the importance of the law for both domestic and international affairs. He cited an example that European countries had obliged their trading partners to have a personal data protection law to carry out digital trade.

"If we want to sell the products of our small and medium enterprises [SMEs] to Europe, we will face difficulties because of the absence of a data protection law," Rudiantara explained.
At present, personal data protection is only guaranteed by Communications and Information Ministerial Decree No. 20/2016. 

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Uber, Grab to adjust with new decree
The Jakarta Post, 21 january 2018

Online ride-hailing giants Uber Indonesia and Grab Indonesia have indicated they will comply with Transportation Ministerial Decree No. 108/2017 on public transportation without fixed routes.
The decree came into force on Nov. 1 and the three-month transition period given to ride-hailing companies like Uber, Go-Jek and Grab will finish at the end of January.
The government through the Communications and Information Ministry set up a system to monitor drivers of online-based ride-hailing companies.

Uber Indonesia head of communications Dian Safitri said Uber was ready to implement the decree. She further said the legal umbrella provided certainty to transportation application providers like Uber, cooperative partners and drivers in providing a safe, reliable and affordable transportation solution.

“Uber and Jasa Trans Usaha Bersama Cooperative are open to dialogue and cooperation with the government and other parties regarding the implementation of the policy,” said Dian in an email to kontan.co.id on Friday.

The regulation will govern special rental transportation through permits, verified documents and stickers on each operating vehicle.Grab Indonesia head of public affairs Tri Sukma Anreianno said Grab would comply with the new rules, such as the use of vehicle stickers and the fleet quota.

“We are committed to encouraging all of our partner drivers to fulfill whole requirements set up in the decree so that they can work in compliance with the prevailing law and regulations,” he said. 

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LRT girder collapses in East Jakarta, injures five
The Jakarta Post, 22 january 2018

A light rail transit (LRT) girder in Kayu Putih, East Jakarta, collapsed at 12:20 a.m. on Monday, injuring at least five workers, an official has said.  

Jakarta Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD) head Jupan Royter said the five victims had been rushed to Columbia Asia Hospital in East Jakarta for medical treatment. Four of them were confirmed to have sustained minor injuries, while the other was still undergoing treatment. 

“The victims are Rois Julainto, 27, Wahyudin, 18, Abdul Mupit, 22, Ahmad Kumaedi, 22, and Jamal. We have yet to question Jamal because he’s still undergoing treatment,” Jupan said. 
was still being investigated, he said, adding that the authorities were also calculating material losses.  

The bridge would serve to connect the route from the Kelapa Gading area to the Velodrome. The corridor first began construction in June 2016.
In November, a concrete piece from the construction of the LRT project fell in front of the PT Roda Mas office building on Jl. MT Haryono near Cawang Station in East Jakarta.

In October, a fence collapsed at the LRT construction site in front of Saidah Tower on Jl. MT Haryono, South Jakarta, due to heavy rain. 
The LRT service is expected to begin commercial operation this year. 

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BI investigates use of bitcoin in Bali
The Jakarta Post, 21 january 2018

Bank Indonesia (BI) is investigating alleged bitcoin transactions made in Bali after it found indication of the activity on social media.BI Bali office head Causa Iman Karana said according to social media content, Bali was a haven for transactions using the cryptocurrency.

According to results from the investigation, which kicked off late December after BI’s ban, two cafes have been accepting bitcoin as a payment method.It was previously found that 44 businesses, including car rental operations, hotels, travel agencies and jewelry shops, welcomed bitcoin transactions.

Karana said one of the cafes accepted transactions using bitcoin for invoices of more than Rp 243,000 (US$18.25), which is equivalent to 0.001 bitcoins. 
It took the cafe an hour and a half to process each transaction, while the administration fee was Rp 123,000.

“Our next step is to block them in accordance with the law. We asked them to stop using bitcoins,” said Karana as quoted by kompas.com. “We, together with the National Police's Special Crimes Directorate, will enforce the regulation that designates rupiah as the only currency for all transactions in Indonesia.”

Bitcoin users in Bali, Indonesia’s most popular tourist destination, are mostly foreigners who stay there over extended periods of time.
Previously, BI claimed bitcoin was a high risk and speculative virtual currency because it was not regulated by a particular legal entity and was without a clear asset base to help determine prices.
The bank has banned monetary transactions using bitcoin, owing to the fact that only one currency is valid in Indonesia, namely rupiah. 

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