Stakeholder Perceptions Audit

In order to understand thoroughly the political, legal and economic dynamics surrounding your business interests in Indonesia, we believe that an in-depth mapping of the positions taken by all the stakeholders involved is an important key in determining your public affairs strategy.

HD Asia Advisory's Stakeholder Perceptions Audit involves a comprehensive survey of relevant stakeholders to gauge their positions and perceptions on the client’s brand or specific project.

Our product is exceptional

We provide a clear and detailed assessment of the position each party faces with regard to a specific project. Our assessment will provide a fundamental basis for the development of future actions and strategies, whilst identifying which parties are most strongly critical to the success of the client.

The actions we would focus on our service are as follows:

  • Identifying key stakeholders and opinion-makers: including government officials, law makers, NGOs, informal leaders, public figures, etc.;
  • Examining relevant government’s regulatory and policy related issues;
  • Conducting a comprehensive survey and interviews in order to determine positions taken and how specific issues are perceived by key stakeholders;
  • Identifying key milestones for an action plan and possible timing implications;
  • Determining the perception of client’s brand amongst the stakeholders and assessing its relative standing in the market.

What the Audit delivers:

  • Identification of critical stakeholders & their relevance to the brand/project
  • Illustration and analysis of positions, needs, interests, and expectations towards specific issues
  • Stakeholder perceptions mapping & power block figure
  • Strategic recommendations