What we do

Taking A New View of Business Diplomacy In Indonesia!

HD Asia Advisory is dedicated to helping clients devise strategies to navigate and initiate business diplomacy in Indonesia. We provide strategic advisory services to investors and corporations alike, enabling them to develop a comprehensive investment strategy and getting a better understanding of the territory and sector in which they operate. Our expertise and network of information enable us to assist clients in developing effective strategies to deal with legislative, regulatory and political issues.

Partners and Advisers at HD Asia Advisory work hand-in-hand with clients to anticipate and resolve problems by providing information, offering counsel, devising strategies, coordinating advocacy, and identifying issues to come up with most effective course of actions.

At every level, we define the specific goal, create a strategic plan, mobilize available forces and engage. We continuously enhance our force and extend our reach. We build out resources in areas that have proven effective and develop relationships to contribute synergy. Our services include:


  1. Market Entry and Business Diplomacy
  2. Policy Advocacy
  3. Perception Audits
  4. Capacity Building
  5. Community Engagements


  1. Cities and Infrastructure
  2. Aviation, Transportation and Logistics
  3. IT and Communications