Ministry Research and Technology and Municipality of Wakatobi Launch Biodiversity Research Training

Jakarta, 20 May 2010 - HD Asia Advisory successfully collaborated and assisted key parties to convene a signing and launching ceremony of the Biodiversity Research Training Program at the Ministry of Research and Technology in Jakarta, Indonesia, on Thursday (20/05). With vigorous and strenuous work, durable bridges have been built among PT Microsoft Indonesia, the Municipality of Wakatobi, and the RI's Ministry of Research and Technology to secure further close cooperations.

The ceremony was perceived as a notable achievement both for PT Microsoft Indonesia and the Municipality of Wakatobi as they acquired a full support from the Ministry to work closely with them in advancing the development of the Biodiversity Research Program.

"With the full support from the ministry, Wakatobi believes that adopting one of the world's high-class technologies through a joint cooperation with PT Microsoft Indonesia is the best way at the moment in developing an information technology system for our marine research activities," said Regent Hugua.

At the present time, the administration is building "the International Center of Excellence" for biodiversity research activities through the framework of Public Private Partnership (PPP).

PT Microsoft Indonesia's Corporate Affairs Director, Drajat Panjawi, emphasized that the company has fully championed the development of biodiversity research in Wakatobi as a form of their commitment in implementing the partnership with the government through the framework of PPP. It is hoped that this initiative could enhance the welfare of Wakatobi's people and reduce the digital gap in this country as well.

Wakatobi is a new autonomous region in the province of Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia, which is situated in an area that encompasses the highest coral reef biodiversity in the world, and therefore, becomes the country's highest priority for marine conservation. There are at least 942 species of fish and 750 of the world's 850 coral reef species inhabit Wakatobi.


*In the picture: PT Microsoft Indonesia's National Technology Officer, Tony Seno Hartono (left), the Deputy V for the Minister of Research and Technology, Idwan Suhardi (second left), the Regent of Wakatobi, Hugua (second right), and PT Microsoft Indonesia's Corporate Affair Director, Drajat Panjawi (right), are in press conference session after the ceremony at the office of the Minister of Research and Technology.