HD Asia Cities & Infrastructure Practice Launched

The Indonesian relatively stable macro economic in the past decade is an evidence of an improved monetary regime. But it is still heavily shadowed by paradoxes of disparities between regions. Central GovernmentŐs effort to attract investors to invest in Indonesia by reducing high costs, for example through tax incentives, export incentives, assurance of legal certainty, and security for investments, are shadowed by the fact that it does not followed by a much needed conducive condition in the regions.

The strong and encouraging macro stability has not been directly resulting in high in-flow of investment activities to boost development in the regions, mainly due to unavailability of basic infrastructure. The governmentŐs ability to develop their cities and build major infrastructure is very limited due to capacity and budgeting constraints.

HDAA Advisors and Partners are well versed in many aspects of infrastructure provisions. Combined experiences include having been involved in many regional governmentsŐ planning process, including the provinces along the Malacca straits (Riau, Nangroe Aceh Darusallam, Jambi and Riau Islands), Papua, and several of Special Economic Zones.

Challenges in private participation in infrastructure development is mostly due to the vast geographic area, many cities and local governments to cover, local politics, and lack of prevailing law that protects investors from risks, mainly in the form of difficulties in obtaining land ownership and complexity in land acquisitions. Clients need to be on the ground to cover the demand of building the right connections, advocate policies and build business case. HDAA Cities and Infrastructure Practice provide advisory services, including:

  • Provision of capacity building and hands on training for clients in developing and promoting their BOT/PPP projects
  • Technical advisory assistance on promotional and marketing support to variuos BOT/PPP investment opportunities
  • Policy advocacy on behalf of clients, in a form of formulation of participation in BOT/PPP policy dialogues and reviews/reform agenda
  • High level advocacy program in pursuit of an effective and sustainable BOT/PPP bid
  • Urban planning, design, zoning and regulation compliance

HD Asia Cities & Infrastructure Practice Launched