Government Capacity Building

Indonesia's newly found and blossoming democracy and regional autonomy, has seen its positives and shortcomings. Key challenges include limited capacity within government agencies to take up accelerated development programs. A carefully developed coalition, training programs and empowerment programs can amplify an organization's messages, highlight the many facets of an issue and build a broad base of support around a common objectives. We have worked with governments in various projects such as:

  • Assisting governors, bupatis and local leaders in connecting with various prospect investors: mining, port, infrasructure, alternative energy, oil and gas.
  • Plan and conduct multi-stakeholders meeting to build consensus on Sustainable Development Framework for government of Wakatobi
  • Assisting a Provincial Government in the divestment of a local mining operation
  • Riau Investment Summit in 2007 and 2009, organizing international investment meeting with 300 investors attended from various countries.
  • Investor meeting in Paris, Dublin, The Hague, New York, Washington DC, Shanghai, Singapore, etc.
  • Preparing to local governments to participate in Trade missions
  • Advisors to Governors and Mayors in Indonesia, including Riau, Papua, Wakatobi.

Goverment Capacity Building