About us

Founded in 2005, HD Asia Advisory is today the leading indigenous Indonesian strategic consulting firm providing strategic advisory services to investors and corporations alike, enabling them to develop a comprehensive investment strategy and getting a better understanding of the territory and sector in which they operate.

As the largest economy in South East Asia and as the third largest democracy in the world, Indonesia is a host to immense opportunities, spanning from rich natural resource to world’s last frontier of richest bio-diversity.

Navigating through this vast country with diverse ethnicities and social knit, challenging geographic spread and rising of new political leaders, often requires a deeply rooted network across the bureaucracy and stakeholders in Jakarta and over 30 provinces and 350 municipalities.

HD Asia Advisory’s partners and advisers have a broad experience and diverse background in Indonesia’s corporate and business, government service, elective politics, strategic planning, media relations, and negotiations. Our associates have worked in the parliament on various committees, on political campaigns at all levels including presidential, for associations and in the private sector.  Together, we bring a wealth of experience in dealing with all aspects of politics and government policy to our clients to be successful in navigating the new Indonesia!